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Flower of anchusa calcarea

An exceptional spring for flowers

Rain was not enough this year to fill our marshes properly, but we have been having some light rain, spread through the last few months, that have created the perfect conditions of humidity in our forests and meadows. The number of beautiful flowers this spring is enormous, filling with an explosion of colours all our [...]
Group of mushrooms

A ghost army

Spring announces its near arrival to Doñana, or perhaps we should say that it is already here; day by day green is taken the rest of the chromatic scale, especially in the pine woods, where the bright green grass covers it all, except in areas where trees have been allowed to grow too close each […]

Flower of centaurea sphaerocephala

Flora of Doñana

The development of the flora of a particular place is always closely linked to the types of soils on which it is based. In Doñana there are three main geomorphological units: Coastal mobile dunes, where coastal and unstabilized sand vegetation develops; significant examples are our juniper formations. Stabilized sands, covering most of the dry areas […]