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Small migration

Vultures, Short-toed Eagles, Booted Eagles, Montagu’s Harriers, Hobbies and Lesser Kestrels keep on passing through Doñana these days on their way to Africa. Along with them there are a huge number of passerines doing the same: Willow Warblers, Redstarts, Winchats and specially Pied and Spotted Flycatchers in the woods and Weathers in the dry plains […]

Stork whirls

Thousands of storks concentrate these days at Dehesa de Abajo lagoon, it is a must see place in the Doñana area. Apart from that, flamingos, spoonbills, avocests, stilts, godwits, glossy ibis and other waders and several species of ducks can be found there. Among then we counted up to 10 Marbled Ducks. Storks rose in […]

An Iberian Lynx on a tree

The two Spanish Imperial Eagles nesting in the far side of the marshes in El Rocío are both perched high on two of the tallest eucalyptus early in the morning, around 7:30, when we start the tour today. A group of Reed Deer is grassing and moving slowly along the edge of the dry marshes […]

An oasis in Doñana’s marshes

Summer progresses and harden living conditions for all inhabitants of Doñana, including us, humans. With a bit of luck temperatures stay below 30° C and without it may exceed 40° C The Mother of the Marshes, still retain some water, and it becomes one of the most attractive spots in the Park. A large number […]


Vultures and mushrooms

We will have to resign ourselves this spring, very few birds will breed in Doñana this spring, last few weeks rain will not be able to amend last winter low rainfall, most of the marshes are still dry, offering few opportunities for herons, ducks, storks and waders this year. Several hundred Glossy Ibis are concentrated […]

Inconspicuous warblers and colorful Bee-eaters

Weather is improving and temperatures rising up to some comfortable 20ºC. Migration is still moving through Doñana’s forests and marshes and birds like Golden Oriole, Roller or Bee-eater are sill passing. Many of the last ones will stay to breed with us, like the one on the photo taken at Dehesa de Abajo, a small […]

Great for Crakes

Rain these days is improving the conditions in the Park very quickly. Meadows and plains are turning green at last and flowers are coming out decorating forests and marshes. Large flocks of Collared Pratincoles and Whiskered Terns feed in the dry plains. Griffon Vultures are also very common sights in the marshes. Great chances for […]

Nubes marismas Donana

Waiting for spring rains in Doñana

Migration moves through Doñana these days. Garganeys, Wood Sandpipers, Tenmick’s Stints, Common Wheatears, Redstarts, Sedge Warblers, Willow and Western Bonelli’s Warblers, Orphean Warblers, Alpine Swifts and Rollers are passing through on their way north. Booted and Short-toed Eagles, Black Kites, Lesser Kestrels, Purple and Squacco Herons, Crakes, Gull-billed and Whiskered Terns, Pallid Swifts, Cuckoos and […]

Ganga Macho Hembra Donana

From dawn til dusk

A whole day watching birds I met Robin, Richard and Ed, three keen American birdwatchers, just before sunrise at their hotel in El Rocío with the intention to spend the whole day birdwatching in the Doñana area. Just after leaving the hotel we had just light enough to see a couple of penduline tit, several […]

Rostro Lince Donana

How much does a Iberian Lynx worth?

The incident occurred nearly three years ago, but it was not until last June when the prosecution presented its case before the judge, is awaiting trial. The story is priceless, especially in regard to the valuation of one of the last 200 Iberian Lynx left in the world. Jaen Newspaper, July 17th 2011 “A couple […]

Plucked Kites, busy Lynxcess

The marshes next to El Rocío have ended up drying out almost completely, although in the puddles that remain are still a large number of storks, ducks and gulls.Across the road, in the shallow waters at the final stretch of the Arroyo de la Rocina, there are large concentrations of avocets, stilts and other waders. […]

Summer arrival in Doñana

Temperatures go up, pastures wither, marshes dry out and crack and green is slowly losing its dominance in favour of yellow, it’s summer in Doñana. El Rocío marshes attract always in the early summer a large number of birds that prey on the shallow and nutrient-rich waters next to the village. Large groups of Flamingos, […]

A Red-knobbed Coot hybridizes with a Common Coot

The Red-knobbed Coot that we have been seeing during the last few weeks next to Caño Guadiamar have been seen feeding 5 small chicks helping an ordinary coot. They spend most of the time hidden in the vegetation next to the fence, but if you are a bit patient you will see them coming out […]

In memory of Joanna Francis

It was about 10 years ago, back in the spring of 2001, when I had the fortune to meet this great person. It wasn’t her first time in Doñana, the exuberant nature of these latitudes had already caught her. Being an enthusiastic nature lover, always willing to increase their knowledge on any subject, always grateful […]

Smart tides and happy little birds

Rains never please everyone, wise saying. It rained hard last few days, very hard, with disparate consequences. Some people’s holidays have been spoiled, some other’s houses flooded, the streets in El Rocío and other andalusian towns have become rivers and access to the Park have been threatened again. But not everything has been bad: hunters […]

The Game of Nature

The old tell that until not long ago Geese barely had to go away from the secure marshes inside the Park, they used to find in them everything they needed from September when the begun to arrive. But things have changed; now they have to make a short trip to the rice fields every day […]

Autumn rain in Doñana

It has already started to rain in Doñana after the long dry season and the first flocks of ducks are arriving now. Today I thought I saw the first flock of geese in the distance; they were too far away to be sure, but I think I identified the distinctive heavy beating of wings of […]

View of the streets of El Rocío

The European Far West

As expected, we’re having a beautiful spring in Doñana after the abundant winter rains. It came later than usual and we can see that clear now especially in regard to insects and reptiles that are not yet as abundant as normally this time of year. Only now is increasing the number of butterflies, dragonflies and […]


A great day for Doñana’s history

Doñana gets better day by day, although the effects of spring are felt something later this year. The plants are flowering somewhat later, so that there is still orchids in our pine forests, now at last begins to increase the number of butterflies and dragonflies, the waters of the marsh are beginning to have an […]