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Flock of cranes in flight

Cranes are back in Doñana

By José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

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Weather is just perfect: sunny and warm, about 25ºC, ideal to go out and explore the area for birds, insects, flowers …
Sand along the tracks to the marshes is wet so mammals leave clear prints behind. Wild boar, red deer, badger, mongoose, and lynx are some of the tracks we see often while driving through the forests. Not so often but still sometimes we are lucky enough to see one of the last Iberian lynx we have left walking in front or just looking at us quietly.

First crocus giving the pine woods a bright purple touch. Butterflies and dragonflies taking advantage of the fine conditions to catch up with their reproductive duties.

Wheatear is getting scarce and redstart has taken over them in our forests and fields. Some of them are also searching for their winter spot among the houses of El Rocío. Dartford warbler is also common in the low bushes.
Merlin is coming back from their northern quarters and crane is doing the same. Still in small flocks here and there in the cereal fields. These small flocks of 25-50 will soon turn into several thousand.

Species like squacco heron and bittern are at last coming back to our wetlands. Two of these camouflage specialists has been seen in the last couple of days in the Brazo de la Torre. The number of flamingos, lapwings and wood sandpipers is also increasing in the rice fields.

The short-toed eagle spotted several times around the Casa Bomba might stay over the winter with us and black-shouldered kite is just everywhere. Common buzzard and red kite are getting more and more common while some solitary booted eagle fly through the sky over the marshes. Griffon vulture perching on dead trees in the forests as usually.

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