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Great for Crakes

By José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

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Rain these days is improving the conditions in the Park very quickly. Meadows and plains are turning green at last and flowers are coming out decorating forests and marshes. Large flocks of Collared Pratincoles and Whiskered Terns feed in the dry plains. Griffon Vultures are also very common sights in the marshes. Great chances for crakes at Jose A. Valverde Visitor Centre Baillon’s, Spotted and Little Crakes plus Water Rail are all possible.
Bee-eaters, Rollers and Orioles are passing in good numbers. Weathears and Black-eared Weathears are also coming through in large numbers now. Cuckoo is already singing in our forests and Lynx sightings are common during our tours.
Large concentrations of birds at Dehesa de Abajo. Red-crested Pochard, Shoveler, Purple Gallinule, Night Heron, Purple Heron, Crested Coot, Glossy Ibis, Avocet, Black-tailed Godwit Black-winged Stilt, can be seen there along with the largest White Stork colony on trees in Spain. We also saw there yesterday the first Olivaceous Warbler of the season.

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