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Gastronomic tour in El Rocío

flavours and traditions


The sandy streets in the village of El Rocío, known internationally for its beautiful sanctuary and its religious festival, hide much more than devotions and traditions. We invite you to a tour through their small unseen secrets, a walk around the Mother of the Marshes and to enjoy the flavours of its traditional cuisine and new modern cuisine.

Our invitation consists of a dinner composed ofa selection of dishes served in different establishments of El Rocío, combined with a previous tour of the town to visit its most famous spots, and to take our time with details that normally go unnoticed and enjoy the sunset by the adjacent marshes. If you are interested on birds, we will also spend some time looking at the most interesting species in the Mother of the Marshes that day.

Are you one of those who likes to enjoy the best cuisine of the places you visit, but usually have no knowledge of where and what to eat? Then we’ve thought of you.

We offer a tour of the most famous and interesting places in the village of El Rocío combined with a dinner consisting of a selection of the best dishes in the best local restaurants in town.


We’ll meet you about 2 hours before the planned beginning of dinner to do the tour of the village. We’ll take you to see the most famous landmarks such as the Sanctuary, and the renowned virgin; the Plaza Real and the Plaza del Acebuchal, with its ancient olive trees; the Ajolí Bridge, where the famed Raya Real, the traditional pilgrim’s’ road, begins and some of the most famous brotherhood houses.

In addition, our guide will inform you about the meaning and history of El Rocío Festival and other events taking place in the village. The Donana National Park and any other topic that is of your interest will also have a place in the conversation.

Later for dinner, we will offer a selected choice of seafood and shellfish dishes from the Huelva Coast, samples of Iberian meats from Sierra de Aracena, traditional dishes from the region, all accompanied with a taste of some of the best wines of the county and the region.

  • Recommended season

    Spring, autumn, winter.

  • Duration

    Around 4 hours

  • Group size

    Minimum of 4 people

  • Price

    50€ / person

  • Included

    Vehicle for the whole activity. Binoculars and telescope. Agreed food and drinks.

  • Starting time

    Agreed with you. Recommended two hours before sunset if possible.

  • Starting point

    Your hotel in El Rocío or our offices in El Rocío

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