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Small migration

By José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

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Vultures, Short-toed Eagles, Booted Eagles, Montagu’s Harriers, Hobbies and Lesser Kestrels keep on passing through Doñana these days on their way to Africa. Along with them there are a huge number of passerines doing the same: Willow Warblers, Redstarts, Winchats and specially Pied and Spotted Flycatchers in the woods and Weathers in the dry plains are passing by hundreds every day putting a touch of lively colours in our landscapes.

About José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

José Antonio Sánchez se licenció en Biología por la Universidad de Sevilla en 1985. Más tarde, durante varios años, se dedicó a organizar y guiar rutas de senderismo y naturaleza ...