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May 2, 2018 España

Un día magnífico, un Doñana espectacular y María, nuestra guía, gran profesional y gran persona
Puntualidad en la recogida en el hotel, y una visita a Doñana en plena explosión de vida por una primavera extraordinaria en lluvias.
María, nuestra guía, nos aportó una visión de un ecosistema completo. Incorporando a la flora, la fauna y el clima una permanente presencia de las actividades humanas en el territorio.

April 18, 2018 France

We spent an excellent day together the 18th of April with a very devoted and thoughtful guide to make discover us the species living in forest or in marshes. I recommend this personalized type of tour to visit the Reserve of La Doñana.

March 6, 2018 Australia

Having just returned from a private half day tour with Discovering Doñana; I'd like to share my wonderful, unforgettable experience.
Although we had only 6 days in Seville, we decided to sacrifice one of them for a side trip down to El Rocio after reading about Doñana National Park. The drive from Seville is not bad, even for a tourist from Australia, where we drive on the other side of the road. We chose to spend a night in El Rocio as this tour starts early - a 7:30am pick up, and without knowing how long it would take to get there, we didn't want to miss risk being late. This also gave us the opportunity to fit in a great horse ride the afternoon before.
Our guide, Jose, picked us up, arriving at precisely 7:30 in a clean and comfortable 4WD. at all times driving to avoid bumps and puddles where possible. Jose is unbelievably knowledgeable and obviously passionate about the Park. His pace was unexpectedly unhurried given the incredible scale of Doñana, but Jose's focus was on immersing us in the plentiful distinct, and varied fauna, flora and birdlife which make the park so valuable to our planet.
We were incredibly lucky to arrive during a period of significant rain, seeing the park with lots of water, spring flowers and newly arriving migratory birds, which were quickly spotted and identified by Jose, who frequently sought them out by their individual song.
It seemed that there was nothing unknown to Jose about this very special place, and our 6 hours flew by far too quickly; leaving me wishing for more time there.
I will not forget the large family of wild orphan piglets, who were delightful to observe as they scurried around in a constantly changing formation, at times huddled so close together that they appeared as a single 8 headed animal, fuzzy coats and bright sparkly eyes. Equally the statue-like owls big and small, gliding eagles and kites, waders, walkers and flying birds far too numerous for me to count, all amazing to see.
Jose provided us with really good binoculars, a pair each, as well as a telescope which he set up in significant places so that we could see even more. The occasional raindrops did not detract from the beauty that is Doñana, often providing a hazy curtain in the distance or misting across the lanscape. It was a privilege to visit this magical place with Jose; he is a truly dedicated and informative guide.

March 5, 2018 USA

We toured with Jose March 5 and it was fantastic. Jose allowed us as much time as we wanted to take pictures. He brought binoculars for each of us and a telescope which he set up numerous times so we could see specific areas. Jose was very professional and knowledgeable and this was one of the best nature tours I have ever experienced. We saw a lynx and other mammals as well as thousands and thousands of birds. Many different species. It had rained recently and the migration had begun. I highly recommend the all day tour. You will never regret taking a personalized tour.

February 21, 2018 United States

On February 21, 2018, we embarked on a private tour through Doñana with Maria. She was a very knowledgeable and helpful guide, and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the stunning national park. We observed nearly 70 species of birds and a number of other interesting creatures. The lynx remained elusive, but we were fortunate to see the coveted Spanish Imperial Eagle. Maria took time to pause and point out all that the park had to offer, showing us the hunting pit of an ant lion, helping us identify challenging and unfamiliar birds, and stopping to check out a variety of fresh tracks in the muddy puddles along the road. We had a fantastic adventure, and by the time we left we were already discussing when we would like to come back. I highly recommend this tour to everyone interested in experiencing Iberian nature up close and personal. Thank you to everyone on the Discovering Doñana team for helping to make our visit special.

January 18, 2018 Netherlands

We have done a tour with Jose January 18 and 19 and were very lucky to see a lynx the very first day. Jose is clearly a very experienced and knowledgeable guide, who understands and tries to achieve the wishes of his guests. It was a true pleasure to discover this beautiful park with his friendly and patient help.

December 19, 2017 Galicia / España

Hemos reailizado una ruta guiada de 5h en 4X4 con María. Ha sido una gran experiencia, ella es una bióloga experimentada, encantadora, con gran conocimiento del medio y de la fauna. Como guía es una maravilla porque aúna conocimiento e ilusión por lo que hace. Si queréis conocer el parque más allá de lo convencional y hacer una ruta más "científica" y bichera, os recomiendo esta propuesta. Muchas gracias!

6 diciembre 2017
Paula Pérez.

November 8, 2017 España

Gracias a Jose Antonio por un gran día completo en Doñana. Fue un placer compartir tu sabiduría y pasión por las aves.
Aunque no conseguimos ver el lince disfrutamos un montón de la naturaleza.

October 23, 2017 Northern Ireland. UK

We thoroughly enjoyed our half day private tour with José. As keen and experienced bird watchers and photographers we enjoyed José’s expert guidance to Doñana. He succeeded in showing us some special birds despite the prolonged period of drought. His excellent English enabled us to learn many things about this beautiful Parque Nacional, it’s wildlife, migration patterns and history. As out first time Birding within the protected area of the park José made this a rewarding experience. We will return at a different time of year.

Thank you,

Richard Smith & Stuart McQueen

October 2, 2017 UK

We had a fantastic morning in the park with Jose during the first week in October. He is an excellent guide imparting lots of information without bombarding you, allowing you to see lots but also to appreciate the wildness and peace of the park. We didn't see Lynx or Spanish Eagle so all the more reason for us to return!
Thanks again Jonathan & Rachael.