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A good selection of testimonials from some of our clients satisfied with our tours to Doñana. If, like them, you enjoyed Doñana through us, why not sending us a few words to summarize your experience, other potential clients will thank you.

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May 17, 2019 Luxembourg

Doñana National Park was worth getting up at 4 am for. José was phenomenal, identifying pretty much every bird we saw (Hoopoe, Spoonbill, Purple Swamp Hen and Squacco Heron to name some of the wackiest) or heard (including a Nightingale and the very noisy Great Reed Warbler). We hope to come again and maybe see a lynx!

May 2, 2019 Holland

In dark and cold winter days in Holland, I booked our trip with Discovering Donana (DD), moths in advance. I viewed different companies on the internet and DD appeared the most genuine operator. Not a quick show to earn the money but truly caring about this beautiful environment and willing to share their knowledge with visitors .

I was surprised my mail was answered almost the same day, in English, no problem. Since we would travel with our 3 children (15, 18, 21) it would be important to have a English speaking guide. Everything was explained clearly in advance by mail and mobile phone. ,Our guide Sonia picked us up in El Rocío, outside the hotel, she handed out binoculars to all of us and off we went.

Her English is very good, her knowledge of the environment, the birds exceptional. She is warm hearted woman, we felt like we traveled with an old friend. She made a dozen stops, trying to show as as many different birds and environments as possible. She pointed out many things you wouldn't notice if you were travelling on your own. And she placed the telescope several times, so we would get a better look.

We would recommend DD highly, as a good and very Spanish, as in welcoming, organization. Ready to make you share this piece of paradise for a few hours and doing their utmost to let you understand this precious eco system.

Many thanks, José and Sonia, all the best

April 29, 2019 UK

The unique wetland in Donna, in the SW of Spain, provides a very special habitat which attract many birds from Africa.
The Flamenco with it flock of white but in flight flashes of orange provide a warming atmosphere on the lake as they busily feed from dawn until dusk.
The Land Rover trip though the untamed landscape of the expansive wild life park provides a opportunity to learn about the unfamiliar birdlife or species that transit though every year. The access allows views of birds, such as Stork, Egrets and many other birds happily flitting about apparently unaware of the viewing public. You learn and love in equal measure and visit of a few hours seems to flash past in minutes. A great and memorable and unique experience!

April 23, 2019 Germany

Tours to Donana, Sierra Pelada and Castro verde steppes April 21st, 22nd, 23rd 2019 with Jose, a very good guide who knew all species in the area and where to find which species. For someone interested in seeing much more than he/she would see on her own this is a "must" tour. We both enjoyed the different habitats and seeing so many different - mainly bird - species.

The service included also suggestions where to stay during the different trips and booking of accomodation as suggested. Everybody should at least take such a closer look at Donana, but with time left, add one or the other tour of the program. Best wishes to this great way to take a closer look at wildlife in one of Europe's very special places.

March 15, 2019 Denmark

Dear José (and the rest of the crew),

Thank you for a lovely morning in the Doñana (15th of March). We fully enjoyed the expertise of José and his thorough knowledge of the environment. On our own, we should never have spotted the bittern, just to take one example. We can very strongly recommend a private half day tour in the Doñana, especially to people, like us, with a less developed flock instinct.

José, I realize that we shall never completely agree on the subject invasive species – so be it. By the way, the “nutria” I told you about, the one we saw in the Camargue, and once again in a canal in Colmar, Alsace, was a myocastor coypus. In Danish we call it a “sumpbæver” (literally translated a “swamp beaver”). If it ever comes to the Doñana, I have no doubt that it will appreciate the environment, even if you do not want it!

Anne and Axel Moos, Denmark

February 20, 2019 Belgium

An incredible experience in the Donana. The 1/2 day tour gives you a great 1st impression of this national park, you will visit the northern woodlands, and parts of the central wetlands.
The guide was incredible knowledgeable and enthusiastic. and she spoke very good English. We saw an incredible range of birds, arriving migrating birds, last birds leaving for the North,.... Iberian Lynx, deer ,....
The practical organization was perfect, departure on time etc....
I highly recommend this tour

January 5, 2019 USA

We did the half day tour in January. It was fantastic. Lots of birds and other wildlife.

October 30, 2018 España

La experiencia con Discovering Doñana no ha podido ser mejor. José Antonio ha demostrado ser un guía experto, organizado y muy preocupado por la calidad de su servicio. Hemos visitado los lugares más característicos y ha dedicado mucho tiempo a darnos toda clase de explicaciones y a contestar a nuestras preguntas. . Altamente recomendable

October 18, 2018 UK

Our tour on Thursday 18 October was expertly guided by José, whose knowledge of the flora and fauna is unsurpassed, especially the birds, some of which he could spot in the most obscure places. There was heavy rain, which made visibility very poor for the first hour but as the day cleared we saw more and more deer and birds, some of them pretty unusual and with interesting habits, e.g. the stone curlew and the lesser kestrel. I would highly recommend the tour.

October 5, 2018 Dresden / Germany

Shared tour on the 24th of september: We enjoyed our tour thoroughly. Werent so lucky to see a lynx although Jose really tried. The binoculars are a very nice touch and we're happy to have booked with you. Keep up the good work!