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A Red-knobbed Coot hybridizes with a Common Coot

By Lucía Lozano Villarán

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The Red-knobbed Coot that we have been seeing during the last few weeks next to Caño Guadiamar have been seen feeding 5 small chicks helping an ordinary coot. They spend most of the time hidden in the vegetation next to the fence, but if you are a bit patient you will see them coming out to the open water and find refugee again in the small tamarix a little further.
The pair of Imperial Eagles nesting at the back of the marshes in El Rocío is still the easiest option to get the species in the area. The first chicks are coming out of the eggs in the heronry around José A. Valverde. Red-necked Nigthjar can be heard calling at night at any forest edge. Isabelline and Melodious Warbler sing also actively.