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Two Kentish plovers on the beach with the sea in the background

Two little plovers at Santa Pura

These are Chiara and Alex, a pair of Kentish plovers. They arrived at Santa Pura Beach in La Antilla (Lepe) a few days ago. They very like did not meet here, but at the nearby Marshes of El Catalán, where they spent last winter. They have already declared their love with peeps and cuddles and now, […]

Juvenile Spanish Imperial Eagle

Young although amply prepared

In July, an army of young although amply prepared birds colonize the skies, forests and marshes of Doñana. Immature imperial eagles begin their first gliding flights in the vicinity of their birth area. They will still take several months to become independent, so a period of learning and surrounding exploring begins, during which it is not rare to see […]

Pair of bee-eaters

Bee-eaters, have you seen them passing?

Like every year, there are tens of different species of birds that come back from Africa at the end of their wintering season to breed in Europe. From the giant griffon vultures, to the tiny willow warblers, thousands of them fly every day over our forests, countryside and cities. The vast majority of them go unnoticed to most of us, but […]

Head of long-eared owl

Tremble with fear mice

I do not envy the fate of mice and other small rodents now when the cold take over our forests and marshes. If you have the unfortunate luck of living in our pine forests and cork oaks, you will have to go on eggshells when you leave after sunset because that’s where the tawny owls lie […]

Male redstart perched on a branch

Small migratory beauties

 At this time of year, for a few weeks, we can enjoy in our forests and marshes the presence of a large number of very graceful and delicate and often very bright colored little birds, which visit us in their annual migration.   They spend the spring in northern Europe, where they breed, but when […]

Black-winged kite in a tree

Black-winged kite: a ghost at dusk

A few weeks ago I had a lucky encounter in the Aznalcazar Marshes, a beautiful specimen of this bird, one of my three favorite ones, posed for us at close range, which allowed me to take a good collection of photographs. Back at home I enjoyed seeing them so much on the computer that I […]

Spanish imperial eagle in flight

Doñana’s Spanish imperial eagle

The tough life of the queen of the sky It is midday and we return from one of our tours to the northern marshes of Donana National Park. Several hours ago, in the early morning, we found a fresh lynx track, but we were not lucky to stumble upon the animal. Several male red deer […]

Front of male pintail sandgrouse

Pintail sandgrouse, a beauty out of this world

There is no bird sighting better than pintail sandgrouse in Doñana, from my point of view. Well, ok, a good Spanish imperial eagle, a squacco heron in full breeding plumage, a black-winged kite hovering, a male Montagu’s harrier flying low, a close view of a red-necked nightjar, a short-toed eagle, an oriole, a roller, a […]

tamarisks full of egrets and ibis nests

José A. Valverde Heronry

The rain we had recently have flooded large areas of the marshes and that is encouraging more and more birds to join the colony and start breeding, a bit later than usual, but numbers increase day by day. Glossy ibis, purple heron, squacco heron, little egret, cattle egret, night heron are the most abundant breeding species, […]

european nightjar perched on a branch

Nightjar, one of our lesser known birds

This bizarre nocturnal birds with huge mouths, large moustaches and sorrowful eyes begin to return from their winter quarters in Africa towards middle of April, although most of them are coming back now in the first half of May.  Occasionally we come across one of them on passage in the marshes, like the european nightjar on […]

Brazo de la Torre reed beds

The wind helper

A cold and sunny winter day, next to a reed bed in the rice fields of Doñana, a light breeze that is not even able to swing the elegant stems of the bulrush. Its tight cylinders of brown seeds have slowly and gradually fell apart in the last few months; rare is the one that […]

Porron Pardo Donana

Birds of Doñana

Marshes, cotos, dunes and beaches built Doñana on sandy and clay soils, weaving a complex net of ecosystems, supporting diverse plant and animal communities. Doñana has the largest and best preserved wetlands in Western Europe, also one of the last populations of Iberian Lynx and one of the most extensive stretches of unspoilt coastline in […]