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Recommendations to visit Doñana in summer

The good temperatures and the typical clear skies of summer become the ideal conditions to spend a few days in Doñana, enjoy its beaches and spend some time getting to know the National Park a bit. The Mother of the Marshes, next to the Rocío, normally still keeps a good amount of water in June and offers very good conditions […]

Porron Pardo Donana

Birds of Doñana

Marshes, cotos, dunes and beaches built Doñana on sandy and clay soils, weaving a complex net of ecosystems, supporting diverse plant and animal communities. Doñana has the largest and best preserved wetlands in Western Europe, also one of the last populations of Iberian Lynx and one of the most extensive stretches of unspoilt coastline in […]

Flower of centaurea sphaerocephala

Flora of Doñana

The development of the flora of a particular place is always closely linked to the types of soils on which it is based. In Doñana there are three main geomorphological units: Coastal mobile dunes, where coastal and unstabilized sand vegetation develops; significant examples are our juniper formations. Stabilized sands, covering most of the dry areas […]

Rana comun Donana

Amphibians of Doñana

There are 11 registered species of amphibians in the Doñana area. Conservation problems related to the alarming decline in the number of individuals are mainly caused by collisions, fishing in marshland areas, habitat destruction and use of pesticides, especially in rice fields. It has also been suggested that the introduction of the american crayfish in […]

Alfonso XII posing with hunting result

History of Doñana

From Royal hunting area to National Park The origins of Doñana as a region go back to ancient times. About 10 centuries before Christ some very old texts placed the mythical Tartessos in this area. Civilizations like Etruscans, Phoenicians and Greeks left their prints in the area. Today it’s still possible to find some important […]

red fox

Mammals of Doñana

The mammals in Doñana can be considered as the classic representatives of the predominant types of ecosystems in the Natural Area: the Mediterranean forest and the seasonal continental marshland. 38 species of mammals have been recorded in Doñana. Carnivorous 01.- Gray wolf – Canis lupus (Linnaeus, 1758). Extint. Harassed by man to extinction in Doñana, […]

Aphanius baeticus

Fish of Doñana

The high environmental heterogeneity of Doñana, resulting in a great variety of aquatic ecosystems with different conditions of salinity, turbidity, seasonality and humanization, has encouraged the development of a rich fish community. Some species are sedentary, completing their life cycle in Doñana, others only spend part of their lives in the area, while the group […]

young eyed lizard

Reptiles of Doñana

The problems for the conservation of these species are in many cases the same as those for amphibians, but it is also important to take in account here the effects of myxomatosis that repeatedly reduced populations of rabbits in the 60s and 70s. Being the rabbit one of the basic preys of large vertebrate predator […]