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Flock of flamingos in flight

Doñana in May

May is Undoubtedly one of the best months of the year for birding in Doñana. The influx of birdwatchers is not as numerous as that in April, temperatures are better and the chance of rain much lower, although you should take in account not to coincide with the celebration of El Rocío Annual Festival, when […]

Marsh landscape with a fence and yellow flowers in the background

Yellow marshes

The marshes at El Rocío are a great birding spot these days. A good level of water attracts good number of birds including flamingos, spoonbills, ducks, herons, egrets and waders. A walk along the promenade produce a long list that includes collared pratincole, Savi’s warbler, sand martin, bee-eater, great reed warbler and whiskered tern. Forests […]

Flooded marshes with clouds

Doñana in March

Forests and marshes burst into a beautiful symphony of colors as temperatures begin to rise in March. If the winter brought us enough rain, our marshes look with splendour. The green of the bulrushes that covers large parts of it begins to get decorated with lots of white patches of the small floating flowers of the water […]

Familia de somormujo

Busy parents at the end of spring

Temperatures rise, grass wither and the marshes dry out. In the pine forests partridges protect their groups of 8-10-12 little chicks, the yellow rockroses still decorate the cork oak woods and female deer feed their fawns along the marshes edges. In the Hinojos Marshes, small puddles support the last families of black-winged stilts, lapwings and […]

Marshes with white clouds reflected and El Rocio Sanctuary in the background

The beauties of Doñana

Two months later I return to Doñana today. Two months of confinement playing to imagine a Doñana that only the oldest have lived. Anxious, nervous and expectant, this is how I feel when arrive at El Rocío in a cold morning, under a sky covered with high gray clouds. The distant silhouette of the Grazalema Ranges adds […]

Male white-heade duck

Doñana in April

April is a great month to visit Doñana, one of the best times for birdwatchers or to enjoy our wildlife and colourful landscapes. It is also a very busy month so it is very important to book your tour in advanced if you don’t want to find out that we and all companies offering tours […]

Iberian lynx carrying a rabbit in its mouth

Hooray, they’re confined !

If they thought in human way, that is what the inhabitants of Doñana should be thinking now. There have never been in Doñana’s history days like these; days when its forests, marshes, beaches and dunes have found absolute peace. The unusualness of the situation that humanity is facing has led us to almost absolute confinement, but this […]

Black winged kite under the sunrise light


This dry and warm winter that has accompanied us during the last weeks, more similar to spring than anything else, has brought us a series of evident changes in the usual natural events in Doñana for this time of year. The marshes next to El Rocío have a good level of water and this is attracting a […]

Pair of bee-eaters

Bee-eaters, have you seen them passing?

Like every year, there are tens of different species of birds that come back from Africa at the end of their wintering season to breed in Europe. From the giant griffon vultures, to the tiny willow warblers, thousands of them fly every day over our forests, countryside and cities. The vast majority of them go unnoticed to most of us, but […]

Caño Guadimar panoramic

Images of Doñana in spring

Beautiful skies decorated with clouds serve us these days as the ideal background for the bright colorful landscapes of Doñana this spring. Blue of the water and the sky, yellow of the goldfinches, daffodils and daisies, pink of flamingos, crane bills and orchids, white of spoonbills, avocets and egrets, brown of corn buntings, short-toed larks […]

Collared pratincole in flight

Collared pratincole, the marsh acrobat

A visit to the Doñana’s marshes is only complete when you get to enjoy the sighting of one of these birds. They resemble terns and fly as agile as swallows, feeding often in flight like them but being closely related to waders. Long, pointing, narrow wings, deeply forked tail, short legs and a short bill with a bright red patch at […]

Front of male pintail sandgrouse

Pintail sandgrouse, a beauty out of this world

There is no bird sighting better than pintail sandgrouse in Doñana, from my point of view. Well, ok, a good Spanish imperial eagle, a squacco heron in full breeding plumage, a black-winged kite hovering, a male Montagu’s harrier flying low, a close view of a red-necked nightjar, a short-toed eagle, an oriole, a roller, a […]

tamarisks full of egrets and ibis nests

José A. Valverde Heronry

The rain we had recently have flooded large areas of the marshes and that is encouraging more and more birds to join the colony and start breeding, a bit later than usual, but numbers increase day by day. Glossy ibis, purple heron, squacco heron, little egret, cattle egret, night heron are the most abundant breeding species, […]

male golden oriole perched on a branch

Migration progresses through Doñana

Spring goes by and migration keeps coming through Doñana. Mixed flocks of small waders including ringed and some little ringed plovers, dunlin, little and some Temminck’s stints , curlew sandpiper and Kentish plover are coming through and feeding in the scarce shallow waters in the Park and rice fields and mainly in the dry marshes. Good […]

Flower of anchusa calcarea

An exceptional spring for flowers

Rain was not enough this year to fill our marshes properly, but we have been having some light rain, spread through the last few months, that have created the perfect conditions of humidity in our forests and meadows. The number of beautiful flowers this spring is enormous, filling with an explosion of colours all our […]

lesser spotted woodpecker building its nest

Migration time in Doñana

Migration keep coming through Doñana these warm days of spring with scattered showers and skies beautifully decorated with white clouds in between them. In the forests, wrens, serins, greenfinches, goldfinches, chaffinches, treecrepers, blue tits and great tits, among others, compose a varied symphony of sounds. They all keep themselves busy with display and other reproductive […]

Sunrise at the marshes edge

Beautiful Doñana in a dry spring

Even in a dry spring like this one, Doñana offer great birding opportunities, beautiful landscapes and an overall very good experience of nature. Warm temperatures, blue skies, green meadows decorated with flowers and espectacular sunrises and sunsets will fulfill your expectations. Flamingos, herons, eagles and harriers, colorful passerines like bee-eaters and orioles, red deer, wild boar […]

Bee-eater perched on a branch

Unusually early migrants this spring

An unusual warm and dry winter has just given way to a spring full of early events. I had some very early orchids coming out in the pine forest, the first ones were out at the end of february, several weeks earlier than normal. On February 28th I found the first pallid swifts flying over […]

White flower of the rockrose cistus salviifolius

Spring flowers in Doñana

Spring is here, no doubt, we have only to look at our fields and our skies and see how the green takes over our lawns and as the blue of our skies every day is more ornate with the increasing number of individuals of species such as Black Kites, Booted Eagles, House Martins and Swallows. […]


Vultures and mushrooms

We will have to resign ourselves this spring, very few birds will breed in Doñana this spring, last few weeks rain will not be able to amend last winter low rainfall, most of the marshes are still dry, offering few opportunities for herons, ducks, storks and waders this year. Several hundred glossy ibis are concentrated […]