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Snail cluster on a wood fence post

The long nap of the snails

Why do snails cluster in summer on top of plants and fence posts? We will try to explain it to you below. Our land snails are mainly nocturnal, since at night the presence of predators decreases and the environmental conditions are more conducive to them, by significantly increasing the humidity of the environment. During the […]

Red deer rutting in the forest

Doñana in September

September is for for all the beginning of a new calendar year in Doñana, especially regarding rain. It is now when we start to count the accumulated rainfall of the year and when we all start wondering how the coming year will go. This is an important question that we face every year, whether we […]

Female red deer with fawn

Summer in Doñana’s forests and marshes

Summer in Doñana’s forests and marshes also offers rewarding experiences in Nature. When we enter Coto del Rey Pine Woods early in the morning, we always hope to meet one of our Iberian lynxes. When we do, we realize the cubs continue to grow day by day thanks to the loving care of their mothers.Female […]

Front of male pintail sandgrouse

Doñana in June

The dry season starts in June. Rain becomes unusual and dry areas begin to dominate over flooded ones in the marshes. Bulrush and tule rush go yellow and in grasslands and meadows the green turns into ochre. In wet years the process is delayed but the unstoppable rise of temperatures will eventually give Doñana its parched […]

Group of vultures next to a dead mare

Doñana in August

Summer progresses in August and with it living conditions in the park for animals and plants becomes even harder. Mammal activity concentrates in the first and last hours of the day. The bellowing of the stags can be clearly heard early in the morning, even from El Rocío; in the woods these animals become less […]

Juvenile Spanish Imperial Eagle

Young although amply prepared

In July, an army of young although amply prepared birds colonize the skies, forests and marshes of Doñana. Immature imperial eagles begin their first gliding flights in the vicinity of their birth area. They will still take several months to become independent, so a period of learning and surrounding exploring begins, during which it is not rare to see […]

Large flock of flamingos in the marshes

Doñana in July

In July temperatures rise and harden living conditions for all inhabitants of Doñana, including us, humans. With a bit of luck maximum temperatures stay below 30° and without it they may go over 40° El Rocío Marshes often keep some water and turn into one of the most attractive spots in the Park, good numbers of herons, storks, glossy […]

A subadult Spanish imperial eagle taking off

Raptors in August

High temperatures have scorched the park and water scarcity models landscapes and transforms animal lives. The marshes of El Rocio have dry out and the same has happened to the near La Rocina Stream; we have go up to Charco del Acebrón, next to the Acebrón Palace Visitor Center to find some water in its bed. A walk through […]

Female red deer with fawn in the high dry grasses

Doñana after the fire

At the end of June, fire caused by accident in a local charcoal company fueled by strong winds and high temperatures, destroyed around 8,500 has in the Doñana area, 6,500 of which belonged to the Doñana Natural Site. The Doñana National Park was not affected but some valuable areas within the Natural Park were razed […]

Caño Guadiamar in summer

Caño Guadiamar in summer

A stop at Caño Guadiamar these days becomes an experience full of sensations. The old course of the River Guadiamar, passing through Doñana becomes every summer one of the few pockets of moisture across the northern marshland, an oasis that turns into a valuable refuge for thousands of waterfowl, raptors and passerines on migration during the dry season. […]

Spanish imperial eagle in flight

Doñana’s Spanish imperial eagle

The tough life of the queen of the sky It is midday and we return from one of our tours to the northern marshes of Donana National Park. Several hours ago, in the early morning, we found a fresh lynx track, but we were not lucky to stumble upon the animal. Several male red deer […]

Flock of flamingos in flight

Summer is around the corner

Summer is knocking at Doñana’s door. Meadows and forests edges are not green anymore although some Spanish iris, daisies, tassel hyacinths, larkspurs, fragrant virgin’s bowers and particularly our halimium halimifolium, one of our yellow rockroses, persist on trying to put a note of colour to it. Rabbits jump around happily early in the morning, watched […]

Grupo Ciervos Donana

Doñana Summer 2014

Spring is gone and with it one of the most splendid times of the year in Doñana National Park. Now flora and fauna will have to go through summer, a very long dry and hot period in our latitudes. While not the best time to visit, Doñana continues to offer summer visitors a wonderful example […]

Lince con collar caminando

An Iberian Lynx on a tree

The two Spanish Imperial Eagles nesting in the far side of the marshes in El Rocío are both perched high on two of the tallest eucalyptus early in the morning, around 7:30, when we start the tour today. A group of red deer is grassing and moving slowly along the edge of the dry marshes […]