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Eucalyptus with nests

What a local guide is good for

I like my job, I love it, and these days I feel especially grateful to be able to enjoy Doñana’s nature. Today’s group was integrated by four enthusiastic young Dutch. They had spent the day before birdwatching around the park, trying to get as many species as possible out of their target list, but they […]

Two clients next to one of our land rovers

Looking my birds through different eyes

Ingrid and Georg, keen birdwatchers just arrived from Canada, were willing to face our birds, most new for them. That day they reminded me how beautiful our birds are. That hoopoe we saw just after passing over the Ajolí Bridge, with its impressive crest balanced with its extremely long bill and its great plumage design […]

Brazo de la Torre reed beds

The wind helper

A cold and sunny winter day, next to a reed bed in the rice fields of Doñana, a light breeze that is not even able to swing the elegant stems of the bulrush. Its tight cylinders of brown seeds have slowly and gradually fell apart in the last few months; rare is the one that […]

short-toed eagle on a pylon

Eagle on a diet

Doñana’s forests and marshes look beautiful under our warm sun light. Creamy sand and green meadows contrast perfectly with our common blue skies these days. Rain has not been as abundant as we need so far but still a good part of the marshes is flooded now and the area is spreading day by day. […]

Ganga Macho Hembra Donana

From dawn til dusk

A whole day watching birds I met Robin, Richard and Ed, three keen American birdwatchers, just before sunrise at their hotel in El Rocío with the intention to spend the whole day birdwatching in the Doñana area. Just after leaving the hotel we had just light enough to see a couple of penduline tit, several […]

View of the streets of El Rocío

The European Far West

As expected, we’re having a beautiful spring in Doñana after the abundant winter rains. It came later than usual and we can see that clear now especially in regard to insects and reptiles that are not yet as abundant as normally this time of year. Only now is increasing the number of butterflies, dragonflies and […]