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Purple swamphen in flight

Doñana in February

February is a time of big though gradual changes. Weather conditions are again of vital importance in the calendar of events. It is an interesting time of year because it usually offers the opportunity to observe most of wintering species and at the same time provides the first chances to see some of the breeding species back from Africa. […]

Sunrise at El Rocío

Doñana in January

The first barn swallows are back from Africa, what they eat during these first cold weeks in January is a mystery to me because insects are still very scarce. Yet temperatures are usually pleasant compared to northern Spain and northern countries in Europe, and we enjoy abundant sunny days with excellent visibility, ideal to practice nature photography. […]

Road going across the flooded marshes

Doñana in December

At this point in December, we have had normally enough autumn rains for the marshes to be properly flooded and to appear before our eyes like a great expanse of water that continues without an end up to the horizon line. It is not rare to have a rainy, cloudy or windy day but we […]

Grazalema Mountains

Beautiful days in the end of winter

Cold sunrises followed by hot mornings ensure the full catalog of lights and colors throughout one of our tours now in late winter. The mists of some days give us phantasmagorical landscapes and bring us distant sounds. Others days however, we can see the silhouette of the distant mountains of the Grazalema Mountains, mounted on the marshes […]

Flooded marshes with yellow flowers in the foreground

After the rain

A couple of weeks after rain began, the marshes of Doñana have suddenly changed its look. In just a few days we have gone from having a landscape of cracked clays and yellowish and ocher colors, to having another one where the flooded marshes and the green color dominate. In only a few days we […]

marshes with a carpet of yellow daisies and three bulls

Unusual winter

In the forests things go right this year; forests and meadows look beautifully and the green is getting decorated with flowers day by day. Serins, goldfinches, great and blue tits, wrens and cetti’s warblers, they all display restless in order to attract the nicest female for their own. Penduline tits, crested tits and long-tailed tits […]

orchid flower

First early orchids in February

Towards the end of February many of our winter birds have gone back to the north although there are a good number of cranes and some geese still in the marshes. Robin, song thrush, meadow pipit, black redstart, skylark and chiffchaff are also still around in good numbers. Meadows in the forests are bright green […]

High level of water in the marshes

Winter tide in Doñana’s marshes

Streams of Coto del Rey are still running strong, keeping the fords flooded and water in the marshes continues to increase its level as if it were a great winter tide. The saltmarsh bulrush start greening over large areas and the first patches of pond water-crowfoot begin to appear here and there. Migration keeps coming […]


Winter, time for photography in Doñana

Winter brings new birds to settle our marshes and inspire our forests, it also brings some unpleasant days in which we all find difficult, including them, the inhabitants of right, to enjoy its beauty, but winter also makes us the best gift every year, its light, that light… Stephen and his father, like good amateur […]

short-toed eagle on a pylon

Eagle on a diet

Doñana’s forests and marshes look beautiful under our warm sun light. Creamy sand and green meadows contrast perfectly with our common blue skies these days. Rain has not been as abundant as we need so far but still a good part of the marshes is flooded now and the area is spreading day by day. […]