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Flower of anchusa calcarea

An exceptional spring for flowers

By José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

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Rain was not enough this year to fill our marshes properly, but we have been having some light rain, spread through the last few months, that have created the perfect conditions of humidity in our forests and meadows. The number of beautiful flowers this spring is enormous, filling with an explosion of colours all our different ecosystems, from the dry sands where rock roses and aromatic plants abound to the meadows in pine and cork oak forests, where a countless variety of herbaceous species come out to compose a colorful carpet alternating with dense patches of grasses.

Scrubland on dry sands

In the dryest sandy areas our rock rose bushes are in blossom now, painting the scrubland in white, yellow and pink.

Cistus crispus

Flower of cistus crispus

Halimium calcynum

Flower of halimium calycinum

Reseda media

Spike of reseda media

Lavandula stoechas

Flower of lavandula stoechas

Cistus ladanifer

Flower of cistus ladanifer

Halimium halimifolium

Flower of halimium halimifolium

Pine forests and meadows

Under the umbrella pine and in the meadows in the forests there are very large patches of different borages that alternate with extensive carpets of grasses of many different species. Daisies, poppies, campions, herbaceous rockroses and ferns compose a colorful mosaic.

Centaurea sphaerocephala

Flower of centaurea sphaerocephala

Tuberaria sp.

Flower of tuberaria sp.

Linaria spartea

Flowers of linaria spartea

Linum bienne

Flower of linum bienne

Cerinthe gymnandra

Flowers of cerinthe gymandra

Silene colorata

Flower of silene colorata

Anchusa calcarea

Flower of anchusa calcarea

Erodium botrys

Flower of erodium botrys

Road sides

Along the roadsides a large variety of white, blue and yellow daisies, delicate pink thistles and tall and strong purple ones, yellow and blue lupins, bright red poppies and stork bills entertain us in our drive along.

Lupinus luteus

Flowers of lupinus luteus

Papaver rhoeas

Flower of papaver rhoeas

Limodorum abortivum

Spike of limodorum abortivum

Tolpis barbata

Flower of tolpis barbata

Lupinus micranthus

Flower of lupinus micranthus

Cistus libanotis

Flower of cistus libanotis

Trifolium stellatum

Inflorescence of trifolium stellatum

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