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Lynx lying down

Iberian lynx, an unexpected encounter

By José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

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Enric and his companions were enjoying that cool morning the lush nature of Doñana. We had been stopping every few minutes to watch small forest birds such as robin, black redstart, serin and sardinian warbler, and some red deer we came across on the way. We were all excited thinking of meeting the king of our forests, the Iberian lynx, although already entering the marshland as we were, without mentioning it, we had all practically lost all hope when …

…there it was, about 25 meters from us, just lying quitely down looking our way. He felt us coming but did not care; I stopped the land rover and turned the engine off to enjoy the finding. He behaved as if we were not there, cleaned himself for a couple of minutes and then slowly, very slowly, got up to seat on his bottom and finish the washing. Then he begun walking away from us parsimoniously, stopped again to relieve himself and keep walking away from our view. Speachless we looked at each other for a few seconds before being able to react and resume our excursion.

About José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

José Antonio Sánchez se licenció en Biología por la Universidad de Sevilla en 1985. Más tarde, durante varios años, se dedicó a organizar y guiar rutas de senderismo y naturaleza ...