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iberian lynx walking

Lynx at Ajolí Bridge

By José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

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Look who was giving us access to the Park last June 1st. A male Lynx yawning quietly after drinking in the waters that still run under the Ajolí Bridge, next to El Rocío.

Lince bostezando junto a un árbol

He looked at us a few times as if he cared a hoot that we were there enjoying the sighting.

lince junto a un árbol

While nightingales and cetti’s warblers sang around us, our lynx thoroughly washed his face, as all cats do, looked at us a couple of times and, as if we were not there, began to walk.

lince caminando

Thanks David Matthews, my client that day, for the pic


We watched dumbfounded as he continued his slow walk to stand right in front of our vehicle, just 20 meters away.

lince macho caminando sobre la arena

Photograph taken through the windscreen


and disappear through the fence among the vegetation, unconcerned as if  the encounter meant nothing at all for him. However it was a truly exciting experience for David and his wife that they will keep in its memory.

lince caminando

Photograph taken through the windscreen


By, see you next time, take care.

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