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Cádiz lagoons and marshes

white headed ducks and crested coots

East of the Guadalquivir River  there are a variety of endorheic lagoons, tidal marshes and cereal fields which together become one of the most attractive ornithological areas of the region, bringing together some of the best observations spots for iconic species like white-headed duck, red-knobbed coot and marbled teal.

The Cádiz Bay Natural Park is made up of marshes, beaches, pine forests, sandpits and scrubland of great ecological value, despite of being an area almost completely transformed by human action. Its highlights are its rich fish and bird community with birds like cormorants, gulls, grebes, terns, plovers, stilts, avocets, coots, ducks, egrets, herons, flamingo, osprey.

Cádiz Lagoons owe their origin mainly to the presence of a hilly landscape with little slope, where water from rain, through streams or underground currents, flows into the numerous basins and depressions where impervious materials dominate , favoring the accumulation and resulting in the formation of these lagoons of endorheic character.

These are surrounded by farmland where unirrigated cereal crops alternates with Mediterranean scrubland where little palm bushes, mastic trees and wild olive trees predominate.

Cadiz Lagoon Natural Reserves include the endorheic complex of Espera, El Puerto de Santa María, Puerto Real, Chiclana de la Frontera, Medina Lagoon and Lagoons of Las Canteras and El Tejón. These wetlands are used as areas for feeding, nesting, wintering or resting during the migration by up to 120 different species. Associated with them we have the Tarelo Lagoon and the San Carlos Saltpans near Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Lagoons of Lebrija-Las Cabezas and Utrera in the province of Seville.


Featured species: flamingo, spoonbill, white-headed duck, red-knobbed coot, ferruginous duck, marbled teal, slender-billed gull.

  • Recommended season

    Spring, autumn, winter

  • Duration

    1 or 2 full day tours

  • Price

    Check with us
    Extra costs: meals and petrol

  • Type of vehicle

    Our 4×4 vehicle or your own car

  • Included

    4×4 vehicle, driver-guide,
    telescope, field book

  • Starting time

    Agreed with you
    Recommended before sunrise

  • Starting point

    Your hotel in El Rocío
    Our offices in El Rocío

group of flamingos flying over the marshes
A flash of colour
panoramic of Medina Lagoon
Medina Lagoon
tagged red-knobbed coot
Red-knobbed Coot
Los Tollos Lagoon
Los Tollos Lagoon
White-headed Duck
White-headed Duck
Espera Lagoons
Espera Lagoons

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