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Lagoons and steppes in Seville extensive farmland

bustards and harriers

This is a vast plain covered by fields containing many different crops which make up a landscape of geometric shapes where the natural vegetation has been encroached upon by unirrigated crops intermingled with olive groves.  This area hosts one of the main populations of great bustard in Andalusia, relatively isolated from other populations of this species. This area also support a varied and complete list of other species linked to the cereal steppe habitat like black-bellied sandgrouse, little bustard, stone curlew and montagu’s harrier.

Part of the territory is located in an endorheic area with a good number of lagoons like the Complex of Lantejuela where a varied list of species of waterfowl, waders and herons gather among which white-headed duck and red-knobbed coot stand out.

Scattered trees (mainly holm oaks and olive trees) and shrubs like the rockrose, gorse or lavender appear. Aquatic vegetation dominates the lagoon edges. But the real stars in the cereal steppes are the species of unirrigated crops, the most abundant are wheat, barley, sunflower and olive although many species of grasses are also kept for use as pasture for livestock. Also and to a lesser extent we can find vineyards and fruit orchards.

This area includes one of the two most important locations for black-bellied sandgrouse in western Andalusia and most importantly the main breeding population of great bustard in the whole region with more than 25 adult males and a total of around 100 individuals .


Featured species: great bustard, little bustard, black-bellied sandgrouse, montagu’s harrier, lesser kestrel, stone curlew, calandra lark, collared pratincole, red-knobbed coot and white-headed duck.

  • Recommended season

    Spring, winter

  • Duration

    full day tour

  • Price

    Check with us
    Extra costs: meals and petrol

  • Type of vehicle

    Our 4×4 vehicle or your own car

  • Included

    4×4 vehicle, driver-guide,
    telescope, field book

  • Starting time

    Agreed with you
    Recommended before sunrise

  • Starting point

    Your hotel in El Rocío
    Our offices in El Rocío

rape field and ploughed field
Winter in yellow
flock of great bustards
Flock of Great Bustards
sunflower field and tree
Summer in yellow
great bustard in flight
The queen of the place
birder looking across a vast epanse
Where would they be?
green cereal fields
Green winter sea

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