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Sunset in the flooded marshes

The perfect sunset, the power of nature

By José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

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I feel privileged every day for being able to enjoy Doñana, an amazing piece of nature. I also feel fulfilled as a person for having the opportunity in my work as a guide to make people happy for a while by introducing them into it. It is a very particular feeling, you may know it, people can pass each other valuable feelings. But there is something that even takes me a bit higher than that. And that is the experience of nature. An unusual sequence of combined events took place last Thursday in Doñana: a vast extension of open water with hardly any vegetation, no wind, low temperature, clouds in the sky with different shapes at different stratus and a sun setting. We were there to see the result. I would like to share it with you.

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José Antonio Sánchez se licenció en Biología por la Universidad de Sevilla en 1985. Más tarde, durante varios años, se dedicó a organizar y guiar rutas de senderismo y naturaleza ...