Showing Doñana since 1990


Discovering Doñana wants to make sure that your visit to Doñana with our company is the most satisfactory and safe for everyone. In this sense, we have implemented a sanitary protocol aimed at helping to maintain the health safety of both clients and workers.

  1. Both the facilities and equipment and vehicles are subject to strict control and a periodic cleaning and disinfection procedure.
  2. All our staff have been suitably trained and know the measures to take to prevent potential contagion of airborne diseases. Therefore, we ask our clients to follow the instructions and recommendations that we will give them during the activity, if necessary.
  3. We ask all our clients that, in the event that they suffer symptoms compatible with an airborne disease (cold, flu, covid19), they inform us so that simple prevention measures can be put into practice.
  4. In these cases, whenever possible, an attempt will be made to maintain air circulation inside the vehicle by leaving at least two of the windows slightly open. The use of safety masks will also be requested from all occupants of the vehicle.
  5. In addition, our customers will always find a dose of disinfectant gel available in our vehicle for those who need it.

We hope and trust in the full collaboration of all our clients, although the company, for everyone’s safety, reserves the right to cancel the activity or deny participation to any attendee who does not want to collaborate with our indications.

All these measures are framed within the labor recommendations for the prevention of diseases and following the indications of the different administrations that assist ecotourism and active tourism companies. All this with everyone’s safety in mind.

We will greatly appreciate your collaboration.