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Storks cycling in a blue sky

Stork whirls

By José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

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Thousands of storks concentrate these days at Dehesa de Abajo Lagoon, it is a must see place in the Doñana area. Apart from that, flamingos, spoonbills, avocests, stilts, godwits, glossy ibis and other waders and several species of ducks can be found there. Among then we counted up to 10 marbled ducks. Storks rose in flocks to whirl around thermals over the lagoon and near rice fields, a spectacular show.

The first black storks are back in Doñana for the winter and spotted and pied flycatchers, willow warblers, the first wheatears, ospreys and short-toed eagles, montagu’s harriers and booted eagles, are passing through on their way to Africa.

Rice harvest has not started yet but the whole area has been planted this year and the crops look well, healthy and promising for birds.

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