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the company

Discovering Doñana is the result of Claudio Manetti and his wife Marina´s life adventure, a couple of Italians who, after visiting Doñana in the 80’s, left their country and their occupation there to pursue a dream. Through their experience with us, they came to the conclusion that the fledgling tourist infrastructure was not prepared to meet the needs of nature lovers and bird watchers who came to Doñana from far and wide attracted by its exuberant nature. They soon became well known, in their old white Land Rover they opened the eyes of all those willing to discover the secrets of Doñana until then kept hidden to most.

From 2000 José A. Sánchez, with the help of some of the best and most experienced local guides, continued the work begun by Claudio and Marina, offering our customers a unique and thrilling experience of Doñana´s nature, one of Europe’s last natural paradises.

You may come with your family and need a relaxing tour to enjoy Doñana’s nature, o you may require the very specialized attention or an ornithological guide in English. In all cases we have what you need in Discovering Doñana.

Discovering Doñana has been guiding independent naturalists and ornithologists for the last 25 years, furthermore a good number of international companies specialized in nature and bird tours have put their trust in us when it comes to offer their clients a quality professional service.

Doñana is a specially sensitive natural area so we have to minimize the impact of our activities on species and ecosystems. Discovering Doñana is authorized by the administration of the Doñana Natural Site to carry out our activities and our guides have been trained to comply at all times with the standards set by the Park.

Everyone who enjoys nature must always respect wildlife, its environment, and the rights of others.

Discovering Doñana subscribes and respects the recommendations put together in the ABA principles of birding ethics and the SEO manual of good environmental practices.

Our team

José A. Sánchez

Alejandro Beato

Sonia Alís

Javier Tosár

Press and awards

  • National Award “Doñana” of Journalism to Sustainable Development 2010
    in the category Internet to Discovering Doñana website for the contribution in spreading valuable information on the Doñana Natural Site, beyond the purely commercial interests of the company
  • Tripadvisor. Check out our clients’ opinions.
  • The digital Independent. Recommended on an article.
  • Recommended in Lonely Planet travel guides.
  • Sur.esA report on our tours.
  • Nature Travel Network. A report on our tours.
  • Tripadvisor certificate of excellence 2017Tripadvisor certificate of excellence 2018Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019

Frequently asked questions

What areas in the National Park do we go to?

Our tours include areas of forests and marshes in the north of the Doñana National Park and a coffee break in José Antonio Valverde Visitor Centre. Beaches and dunes in the south of the Park are not included but can be visited through the concessionary company of that route.

How long do our tours last?

Half day tours last for about 5 hours and full day tours for about 10 hours. Although private tours duration can be adapted to your needs.

Can we get lunch/dinner and stay overnight in El Rocío?

Sure you can, you will find in El Rocío a good selection of hotels and bed & breakfasts, and a good variety of restaurants of differentes prices and qualities. You will find some information on accommodation in our website.

Where do our tours start from?

All our tours start from El Rocío. If you take a private tour and you stay in El Rocío, our guides will pick you up from your hotel. Otherwise we will wait for you in our offices located off the main asphalt road that goes through the village.

How can we book one of your tours?

Tour bookings will be made, whenever possible, by email That way we ensure that both sides have confirmation of the reservation and all the details. Although you can also try via Whatsapp.

Is the Park always open?

Visitor centres are only closed on December 24th – 25th and 31st and January 1st in Christmas, although we still organize tours, and for several days during the Annual Festival just before Pentecost day when we don’t organize any tours.