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Frequently questions asked by our clients

what you want to know

1. About our tours

What areas in the National Park do we go to?

Our tours include areas of forests and marshes in the north of the Doñana National Park and a coffee break in José Antonio Valverde Visitor Centre. Beaches and dunes in the south of the Park are not included but can be visited through the concessionary company of that route.

Where do our tours start from?

All our tours start from El Rocío. If you take a private tour and you stay in El Rocío, our guides will pick you up from your hotel. Otherwise we will wait for you in our offices located off the main asphalt road that goes through the village.

How long do they last for?

Half day tours last for about 5 hours and full day tours for about 10 hours. Although private tours duration can be adapted to your needs.

What is included in the price?

Vehicle and driver-guide, field book, binoculars for each participant and telescope for the group. Also a courtesy drink in private tours.

Any special equipment needed?

No special equipment needed, only clothes adapted to the expected weather: rain, cold, hot. No special shoes are required, except for walking tours, although terrain is sandy almost everywhere around here.

What time do they start?

We don’t have a fixed timetable; our tours starting time will depend on the season and will be agreed with you. We always recommend to start early in the morning, just before sunrise, and to finish just after sunset to include those two periods of the day in your visit to the Park.

Are pets allowed?

We are very sorry but, following the Park regulations, pets are not allowed in our tours.

Do we pick up clients from Seville or other locations?

No, we are sorry again, but we only pick up clients from hotels in El Rocío.

How can we book one of your tours?

Tour bookings will be made, whenever possible, by email. That way we ensure that both sides have confirmation of the reservation and all the details. Although you can also try via Whatsapp. We are not always able to answer phone calls

What are the payment methods?

By now, the only way is in cash the same day of the tour, although you will also be able to pay by bank transfer in advance if you need. You will find in the town several cash machines in case you need them, one of them is next to our office.

2. About El Rocío

Can we stay overnight in El Rocío?

Sure you can, you will find in El Rocío a good selection of hotels and bed & breakfasts, and a good variety of restaurants of differentes prices and qualities. You will find some information on accommodation in our website.

What about lunch and dinner?

There is a wide offer of restaurants in town of different qualities and prices. From the typical small place where you will find a good selection of traditional tapas to the more fancy restaurant with good views over the marshes and a large choice of more elaborated dishes.

What other services are available in El Rocío?

We have our own health center and postal office, both in the same building and open only in the morning. There is a tourist information service in the town hall offices and, just in front, one only bank office with a cash dispenser.

How can we get to El Rocío?

That would be by car since the only public transport to El Rocío is a bus line from Seville whose timetable does not fit well at all with our tours’. You will either have to stay overnight the day before or on the day of the tour in order to be ready early in the morning or to be able to stay until late in the afternoon after you finish the tour with us.

3. About the Park

When is the best time to visit the Park?

Our rain season starts in October and that is when the marshes begin getting flooded again but we never know exactly when the good heavy rain comes.  Spring is probably the best time of year, during the bird reproductive season, but our mild winters are also a good time to visit Doñana and even Autumn during the bird migration and the rice harvest.

Does the Park organize any tours?

No, the Park itself does not organize any tour for general public, you will have to book a tour through one of the authorized companies like ours.

Is there any accommodation within the park?

No, there is no accommodation within the National Park, but you will find a wide offer in the villages and cities around it. See more information here in our website.

Can we visit the Park on our own?

Only the visitor centres and the associated walking trails, all located in the periphery of the Park, are open to everyone without booking or authorization.  To visit the restricted areas of the Park you will have to do it through one of the authorized companies like us.

Is it possible to visit the Park from Cádiz province?

Yes, there is a boat tour in the south of the Park through the concessionary company of that route from Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Is the Park always open?

Visitor Centres are only closed on December 24th – 25th and 31st and January 1st, 5th and 6th around Christmas, although we still organize tours. And from wednesday to monday during El Rocío Annual Festival just before Pentecost Day, when we don’t organize any tours.