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professionals and experts

Here we present our team of field guides, all specialized on interpretation of natural heritage and natural sciences and a wide working experience in Doñana. You will be in good hands.

José Antonio, Alejandro, Sonia and Javier will do everything possible to turn your visit to Doñana into an unforgettable experience. Thanks for trusting us.

José Antonio Sánchez

José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias is graduated in Biology from the University of Seville, in 1985. Later, for several years, he went on to organize and guide hiking and nature trails throughout Andalusia and Spain. In 1992 he began working as an environmental educator in the Doñana National Park. It was then when his interest in birds emerged, participating in numerous activities related to them with the Doñana Biological Station. Later he spent nearly four years living in Britain and travelling in Asia, where he became a fluent English speaker. Back in Doñana in 2000, he began working as a nature and birdwatching guide for Discovering Doñana which he has managed since 2002. He has acquired a good reputation as one of the professional local guides with more experience in Doñana.

Alejandro Beato

Alejandro Beato Beato. Born in Burgos, his family moved to Doñana when he was very young, so he grew up surrounded by pine forests and marshes. In the 90’s he completed a master in environmental education and attended a course on Donana Heritage Conservation given by the European Society for Environmental Education. He has worked for the Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) at Doñana Biological Reserve in the framework of the Populations Tracking, Census and Bird Ringing Research Project,. He has also taught courses on bird ringing and environmental education modules in various workshop schools in Huelva province. He has collaborated on several publications on the interpretation of the natural heritage of Doñana. Since 2003 works as a nature and ornithological guide for Discovering Doñana and other local companies.

Sonia Alis

Sonia Alis Domínguez. Arrived in Doñana from her native Madrid in 1994, where she trained in natural sciences and socio-cultural animation; worked in El Rocío for several years as an environmental educator with school groups. She trained as a research technician through volunteer work and participation in various research projects on marine mammals with the Doñana Biological Station. She is co-author of several scientific and technical publications on Iberian lynx, otter and other mammals of Doñana. In 1998 she began working as a guide for the interpretation of the natural and cultural heritage of the region of Doñana for various local companies.

Javier Tosár

Javier Tosár Lopez graduated in Environmental Science from the University of Granada in 2002 although the early part of his studies were in Huelva, so it was around 1997 when he came into contact with Doñana and began to fall in love with its spectacular scenery and rich avifauna. He spent several years in Scotland and Germany, where conducted several research projects in the fields of botany and ornithology. He returned with a very high level of English. Back in Doñana since 2004 he has had a career as an environmental educator, guide trainer and often participated in scientific bird ringing.  Since 2009 he has also worked for several months a year as a guide in nature tours in South Africa..