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Winter, time for photography in Doñana

By José Antonio Sánchez Iglesias

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Siskin Donana

Winter brings new birds to settle our marshes and inspire our forests, it also brings some unpleasant days in which we all find difficult, including them, the inhabitants of right, to enjoy its beauty, but winter also makes us the best gift every year, its light, that light…

Stephen and his father, like good amateur photographers who are, know that well and are delighted with the soft light of the morning. A mixture of birding and photography keeps us well busy, as soon we raise our eyes to the sky to see a red kite flying is gracefulness, as we descended to ground level to digitally immortalize the expression of joy of a late representative of the underworld kingdom.

Along the marshes edges, the unobstructed light envelops flocks of goldfinches and serins which behave like children in a playground, happy to have a huge thistle field all for themselves.

Las yeguas en la Marisma de Hinojos y los acebuchales junto a la Dehesa de Abajo también se ven en todo su esplendor bajo esta equilibrada luz de invierno.

Mares in the Hinojos Marshes and wild olive woods look splendorous under this well-balanced winter light.
Photographs of short-eared owl, black stork and penduline tit that we get to take in the afternoon make Stephen and his father feel really satisfied of the winter day in Doñana.

For more details of the day trip and see more good photos you can check Stephen Portlock site.



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